Promotional panels

Trophies, awards, paperweights, business gifts, displays...

Product description

  • Acrylic plaque including your logo, brand or insignia
  • Message comprising the name of your company or profession and other useful information (tel, e-mail, opening hours, etc.)
  • For positioning on counters, displays, shelving, desks, etc...

Areas of application

  • Business gifts
  • Shop shelves
  • Counters
  • Photo displays

Characteristics and advantages of the product

  • Use of quality cast acrylic, transparent
  • Bespoke fabrication, 15-42 mm thickness
  • Quantity: Possible from one piece upward
  • Provide an image of prestige
  • All formats possible up to 150 x 400 mm
  • Large range and combination of colours
  • Excellent visibility and legibility
  • Smooth surface, relatively unaffected by soiling, no maintenance required


From 35 euros/piece for 50 pieces, not incl. taxes. Ask for a free quote for your project.

Delivery deadline

To be agreed.

  • Promo bloc: Expresso
  • Promo bloc: Echt
  • Promo bloc: Granny's
  • Promo bloc: Yannick's Birthday
  • Promo bloc: Latte
  • Promo bloc: DSP
  • Promo bloc: Shoe-bi-doe
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