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An indispensable asset for encouraging your clients to "come through the door"...

Catchy Door Handle

10 motifs for
10 industries

DSP’s core competence

Design and graphics are exclusive to DSP

Characteristics and advantages of the product

  • Use of quality cast acrylic with transparent front and coloured rear
  • 2 standard sizes: 200 x 200 mm and 170 x 240 mm, 28 mm thickness
  • Resistant to U.V. rays
  • Anodised aluminium mounting bracket, 140 mm in height with 100 mm mounting axis
  • Quantity and packaging: In pairs
  • Clearly identified type of business
  • Includes a pictogram symbolising the industry
  • No degradation and stable logo colours
  • Robust and pleasant to the touch
  • Easy to install on any kind of door
  • Maintenance-free


From 125 euros/piece, not incl. taxes. Ask for a free quote for your project

Minimum delivery time

From stock

  • Catchy Door Handle: BAKER
  • Catchy Door Handle: BEAUTY
  • Catchy Door Handle: BOOK
  • Catchy Door Handle: FLOWER
  • Catchy Door Handle: COW
  • Catchy Door Handle: PHARMACY
  • Catchy Door Handle: PETS
  • Catchy Door Handle: SNACK
  • Catchy Door Handle: EYE
  • Catchy Door Handle: HORECA
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