A reflection of your corporate or professional image

Product description

  • Acrylic plaque including your logo, brand or insignia
  • AFC kredieten
  • Message comprising the name of your company or profession and other useful information (tel, e-mail, opening hours, etc.)
  • Glue or screw-mounted

Areas of application

  • Companies & businesses
  • Professionals
  • Public & privately-owned buildings

Characteristics and advantages of the product

  • Use of quality cast acrylic with transparent front and coloured rear
  • Custom sizes, maximum 400 x 500 mm
  • Anodised aluminium mounting brackets
  • Installation using an ingenious screw system
  • Quantity and packaging: Individual
  • Provide an image of prestige
  • Large range and combination of colours
  • Extended lifespan, weather resistance, no degradation even over the longer term
  • Excellent visibility and legibility
  • Smooth surface, relatively unaffected by soiling, no maintenance required


Upon request. Ask for a free quote for your project..

Minimum delivery time

2 weeks