DSP, your partner starting with your door

Provision of durable communications tools in transparent acrylic including your logo, advertising message or any other graphic.

What is so special about DSP?

  • Bespoke, individualised manufacture
  • Design and manufacturing are all performed in-house (no sub-contracting)
  • The quality, reliability and finish of our products, specifically through the use of quality cast acrylic
  • Accurate reproduction of your logo which strictly adheres to its design and colours
  • Use of inks which are resistant to U.V. rays
  • Exclusive manufacturing process and fastening system
  • Lower prices for higher quantities

The main advantages of DSP

  • Experience and more than 400 satisfied clients
  • movie
  • The ability to fulfil standard requests as well as create unconventional shapes in bespoke colour schemes
  • Their responsiveness and response speed
  • Their strict adherence to deadlines
  • Their unique assembly and fastening plan
Emmanuel Devry

Emmanuel Devry first established DSP in 1996. Two years later, the company moved into a 500 m² workshop in Arquennes and embarked on the production of personalised acrylic door handles. After creating its own logo – “DSP - The Eye Catching Door Handle”, the company rolled out its own brand of door handles – “Catchy Door Handle by DSP”. Since 2003, it has begun to export its products to other European countries (France, Germany, the Netherlands) and 2010 saw its entry into Africa (Tunisia).